Review roundup on the current perspective of quantum computing

Streams on Qiskit Pulse

Benchmarking near-term devices with quantum error correction

Qiskit textbook discussions on quantum error correction

Article on the pulse-level programming paradigm Qiskit Pulse

Universal quantum logic in hot silicon qubits

Forschungszentrum Jülich establishes technology laboratory for Quantum Computers

D-Wave releases Leap 2

Microsoft announces a new Quantum Machine Learning library for their QDK

Q-CTRL releases their professional-grade ‘Quantum control’ BOULDER OPAL software tools

Intel gives details on their cryo-CMOS chip

Article on Qutech

Architectural considerations of quantum processors

Description on QuhacMan: A Quantum Two-player PacMan Game

An introduction to quantum optimization algorithms on the travelling salesmen problem

A talk on the impact of quantum computing on machine learning

Experimental quantum computing at IBM

Talks from Fosdem20

Talks from Q2B 2019

Talks from Rigettis advantage conference

How to compute using quantum walks

France’s new national strategy for quantum technologies

Russia will spent $790M to build a quantum computer

Toshiba’s algorithm yields 10-fold improvement for a select class of computational problems on classical hardware

Google has a second quantum computing team

Gernot Pfanner

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